International Mohter Language Day & Mohan Shahid Dibash

Budget Session-2015 on 28th February, Saturday, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Cheque distribution of members welfare at the condolence meeting (Shoksova) of our most senior member & ex. general secretary Abdus Shahid Ishaque

Shuvo Noboborsho 1422-Folk-Dance, Folklore

Shuvo Noboborsho 1422-Snake Charmer, Cock-Fight

Comilla Club won the first prize ticket no. UMA 0406393, taka 30,00,000.00 Thirty lac or Flat in the Dhaka city, Bangladesh Football Federation Lottery-2014 draw at BAFUFE Bhaban, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka


The Comilla Club, a silent witness to history in its course of pride. This Club had witnessed the hustle and footsteps of many elegant persons, who made their way into the course of ages. Many illustrious persons known in the country and in the subcontinent had been member of this club. Giving their names would make this price longer. According to whispers the then prince of Agortala, Nobodwip Bahadur uncle of the then Moharaja of Agortala and Jaminder of Chakla Roshnabad Estate Birchandra Manikya Bahadur along with some local elites and British citizens in their joint effects in 1917 AD established Tipperah Club with a tennis court. In the initial days of club a member of the Maharaj family noted Singer S.D. Bormon had his membership in the Club and regularly played tennis. The Comilla Club had been the notable place for amusement to the members of the Agortola Moharaj clan. As per information in 1922 two members of the Chortha Nowab Bari, Ehtesham Haider & Osman Haider donated a billiards table to the club which later underwent renovation and the present one has been collected.

The World War 2nd had come to spoil the normal journey of the club. British Military Authority had set up their office at The Club dorms and premiers. This unwanted situation continued till the end of the war.

Although the eight part C.I. sheet tinted roof club house could not attract people but the liveliness of tennis and Billiards table had been of great attraction of that days. There had been manual latrine and very simple other arrangements on the one hand but on the other the atmosphere during that days in the club was full of sincere fun fare.

Uptill 1950 members were only a few dozens. Among them the member of young blood were much fewer. With the rise of membership in number there who were much younger ones started to bring about changes. The sixties can be called an initial era of changes. Flood lights were set in the tennis lawn in 1966. During that time playing tennis in flood light was out of imagination. The single floor guest house with modern latrine and toilet was constructed in 60s. It had been one of the notable progress. The east side adjacent verandah, south side small room and internal canteen were also introduced then. The seed of construction of a modern building took its root while rebuilding the club house after a portion of it damaged in storm in mid 60s. Gathering funds for having a modern new club building started indeed during that time. One of the notable changes which the club underwent included the changing of the name to The Comilla Club from Tipperah Club. Through an unanimous decision taken by an extended general meeting held on 15th September 1963. Other epoch making activities of the club included present days successful arrangements of Comilla district based and divisional tennis competition.

The club experienced additions of new dimensions in 70s. Which included introduction of Annual Ali Nowab Billiards tournament and Lions tennis tournament, separate room and TV room were also set-up in 70s. The two stored guest house was built in between late 70s and early 80s. Internal expansion work and introduction of four post in place of two, eight posts and renovation work of tennis court continued up till eighties. The eighties rest notable events included successful holding of National Billiards Tournament.

Due to want of sufficient fund it had not been possible to take in to the construction of the new club building until 80s. But in late eighties process were initiated to collect fund for building work. It took some time to reach into an agreement with the Town hall authority. It is righteous to mention that the land of club belongs to town hall. It is the most notable event to have constructed the new building of the club after an agreement with Town hall authority. Thanks to the later good wishes in early Nineties. This effort would be glorifying the image of Comilla as a whole.

Let The Comilla Club be a central corner for building updated mentality and coherence in the field of light amusement and games bringing together the new generation.